Darling Brew

Sustainability Consulting |  Green House Gas Audit

Darling Brew beer on conveyor

Client Name: Darling Brew

Project Status: Current

Project Location: Darling, Western Cape

Darling Brew, a microbrewery located in the small town of Darling in the Western Cape, is now officially Africa’s first carbon neutral brewery.

The brewery brews a wide range of popular craft beers that are now all carbon neutral through the process of offsetting their carbon emissions via responsible carbon capturing and reduction projects.

Before achieving a full line of carbon neutral beers, Darling Brew only had one line of beer that was certified carbon neutral, titled Blood Serpent. Ecolution assisted the brewery in this achievement through conducting a Greenhouse Gas Audit in order to offset the carbon through the brewing and production process of this line of beer. Now holding the title of being Africa’s first carbon neutral brewery, Darling Brew’s full line of beers boast carbon neutral status, and Ecolution is proud to have been involved in guiding Darling Brew through this process. 

Each beer in their range has unique characteristics and a backstory dedicated to the endangered creature it honours and supports through the various conservation programmes that they donate to.

Ecolution continues to work alongside the brewery in assisting them in their sustainability journey.

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