Four Leaf Estate

EDGE Auditors

Client Name: Similan Properties

Project Status: Complete

Project Location: Port Elizabeth

Fourleaf Estate is the first residential project in Africa to have met the EDGE resource-efficiency standard and receive a EDGE final certification. 

The residential development is a gap housing project that aims to embody sustainability across the board, not only in the construction processes but also through daily living standards of all residents. It has 7 typologies and a total of 323 units.

Ecolution were the EDGE Accredited Professionals on the project, which means that all design documentation was verified by our team whilst the site visits we performed ensured that the team complied with the certification. 

Funding Partners: Old Mutual Alternative Investments (OMAI) and Housing Impact Fund of South Africa (HIFSA).

Predicted savings of EDGE certification: 

Unit type 1
Energy: 26.2%
Water: 22.4%
Embodied Energy: 41.5%

Unit type 2
Energy: 28%
Water: 22.4%
Embodied Energy: 33.2%

Technical Solutions Included:

  • Heat pumps for hot water
  • Low-flow taps
  • Installation of water-efficient fittings (i.e low-flow shower heads and dual-flush toilets)
  • Reduced window-to-wall ratios
  • Roof insulation ensure optimal energy efficiency