Our Services

We offer a variety of services ranging from responsible engineering to sustainability consulting services for the property industry and their suppliers.

Green Building Certification

Even a Green Building is only as sustainable as it is operated. It would be counterproductive to put money and effort into designing and building a sustainable building if it is not thereafter operated in a sustainable manner.

Green Building Design

We offer consulting to client and project teams from project inception through to the design and construction phase, to implementation in existing buildings using both the local Green Star SA rating system as well as the internationally recognised LEED rating system.

Building Commissioning Process

We offer the Building Commissioning process for Green Star SA and LEED projects, or as a stand alone service. We have developed a successful Commissioning toolkit that offers a unique blend of both the ASHRAE and CIBSE standards. The Building Commissioning (Cx) Process emphasises integrated quality. It ensures a higher level of building performance that will endure over time. Download our brochure.

Sustainability Consulting

The process of getting a building from an initial thought or idea to a physical functional structure is a complex one involving many facets of industry, all of which have an impact on our environment in some way or another. We offer consulting for each of these facets individually, whether it be design and conceptualisation or overseeing the final construction and commissioning process.

Energy Modelling

From small residential homes to large commercial buildings we orchestrate energy modelling for complete building envelope optimisation. We consult on how best to optimise design and construction for the building envelope as well as mechanical and electrical services and systems.

Employee Engagement

Tangible change starts with the education of and the buy-in from employees in the workplace. We offer a series of practical behavioural and awareness orientated initiatives including:  the implementation of in-house sustainability drives; educational workshops and training sessions and development of sustainability visions and strategies. 

Sustainability Marketing

(Without the greenwash) We create and implement transparent and relatable communication strategies that elevate your brand, increase brand loyalty and position your brand as an industry leader in responsible practice.  When you do the right thing, be proud to talk about it. We can make sure you communicate sustainability effectively.