Sustainability Consulting

Ecolution will evaluate and or monitor your site and develop and or implement an environmental management plan according to your requirements as well as providing on-going reporting if necessary.

What We Offer

Water efficiency

Advise on water efficiency measures ranging from rainwater harvesting or grey water recycling to effective irrigation methods.

Sustainable Operating Practices

Provide assistance regarding building operations to maximise the efficiency of the sustainable construction of the building.

Waste Management

Educate on waste separation and recycling streams as well as providing a variety of options for organic waste to reduce waste sent to landfill sites. 

Energy Audits

Ecolution has state-of-the-art equipment to conduct energy audits to locate suboptimal uses of electricity in homes and office buildings.

Materials Selection

Advises on responsible materials for building and interior use.

Energy efficiency

Provide solutions to saving electricity within the built environment from minor interventions such as converting to LED lights to larger installations of renewable energy technologies.

Indoor Environmental Quality Audit

Conduct audits of a building’s indoor air quality and general environmental quality of areas that are regularly occupied.