Getting Serious About Water Conservation: Tips to Save Water

Save Water

What is the Current Situation?

The water crisis in Cape Town is not news. Despite widespread awareness on the issue; implementation of stricter water restrictions and desperate calls to the inhabitants of the Cape to respond to the drought crisis and save water, the cities water usage is not decreasing enough to preserve what is left of the critically low water supply available in our dams.

Thanks to climate change, the drought is likely here to stay with temperatures expected to rise between 1.5 and 3 degrees in Southern Africa in the next 20-30 years. According to Rand Water, if South Africa continues at its present rate of consumption, the country could run out of drinking water by 2025.

According to a statement by mayor Patricia de Lille, released by the City of Cape Town on 23 February, the residential sector in Cape Town accounts for 64.8% of our water consumption as a city.

What do we do about it?

What is needed is a total change in lifestyle and mindset… one that is proactive as opposed to reactive. Without water, we simply will not survive.

 We’ve put together an infographic of our top tips of ways to conserve water. A change in consumption trends is desperately needed, not only in Cape Town, but also in areas where there is presently no acute drought. 

Ecolution Consulting Tips for water conservation infographic

Ecolution Consulting Tips for saving water infographic

4 Comments on “Getting Serious About Water Conservation: Tips to Save Water

Wonderful ideas, I do sometimes feel not enough is being done to re-use water before simply allowing it to go to the earth, so to speak.

The wife and I already changed our drains to re-direct safe water to the garden, but I wish there could be another use, inside the home, before we lost it to the garden.

Any ideas from someone that has added this second-step, would be welcome!

Amu & Uwe

This is how we know you André, ever so responsible!
You would be amazed at how little water we use while traveling. As little as 10 litres of hot water for a shower for two!
Try this at home, we know it can work!

sarah Rushmere

Use greywater for flushing the toilet as a first priority in the drought crisis. Just pour directly into the bowl. Works like a treat and not as far as the garden to carry the water.

sarah Rushmere

Thanks for great advice content Andre. Wonderful proactive contribution at this time. We’ll done and appreciated – Sarah Rushmere


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