Hotel Verde Cape Town

Lead Sustainability Consultants | Double LEED Platinum | Six Star Green Star | Carbon Neutral Experience 

Ecolution Consulting has had the joy and privilege of working as lead sustainability engineers on one of the country’s most exciting and innovative green building projects, Hotel Verde, “Africa’s Greenest Hotel”. 

It was always the strong desire of Ecolution and the project team that Hotel Verde would be a benchmark for others to build from and that it would lead the way for other new and existing hotels to be built and operated in a more sustainable way. Hotel Verde is based at Cape Town International Airport allowing it a unique vantage point of interacting with and leaving a mark on guests from across the globe. Ecolution orchestrated all sustainability consulting on the project which included, among others, the implementation of the following highlighted features.

Since opening in 2013, Hotel Verde has achieved a world first by becoming the first hotel to achieve LEED double platinum in New Construction as well as Existing Building Operations and Maintenance. In 2015 Hotel Verde was also awarded the highest accolade from the Green Building Council of South Africa in their Green Star Existing Building Performance rating tool. This was yet another great achievement as it was the first hotel in South Africa to be Green Star rated. In 2019 Hotel Verde re-certified under the Green Star Existing Building Performance rating tool. As a team we were able to achieve a further improvement on the hotel’s score. This resulted in Hotel Verde becoming the highest rated Green Star Existing Building to date.

The project is unique in that it has embodied sustainable practices and principals since conception and has been built and designed with sustainability and efficiency at its core rather than as an afterthought. The dedication to sustainability at the hotel is clearly evident both in the construction phase as well as the manner in which it is operated. The emphasis on designing for efficiency and conservation has led to large energy and water savings, renewable energy generation and sustainable operating practises that result in considerable medium term financial returns while simultaneously minimising impact on the environment. Not only does the green aspect of the hotel save by directly reducing the cost of resources but this can be used as a powerful marketing tool. Green buildings have a higher market value than conventional buildings.

Hotel Verde Cape Town wind turbines
Energy Efficiency & Generation
  • Geothermal field coupled to heat pumps
  • Vegetated green roof
  • Double glazed windows
  • Efficient office equipment
  • Electric shuttle
  • Occupancy sensors  
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Regenerative drive on elevators 
grey water
Water Conservation features
  • Grey water recycling 
  • Rain water and subsoil drainage water harvesting 
  • Water wise landscaping 
  • Low-flow fittings
  • Dual flush toilets 
  • Waterless urinals 
Cobiax Array In Frame
Responsible Use of Materials
  • 28% of construction material from recycled content
  • 50% of construction material sourced locally
  • COBIAX void formers

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